We are offering proven und new webinars, via Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect does not require a software installation; if not available the Flash Player will be installed. You need just a headset to suppress extraneous noise. A few days before the webinar, we'll do a technical check on functionality, or you'll log in via the link you received 1 hour before the webinar to ensure access.

The feedback on the webinars is positive. When do you book a webinar for the first time?

Each webinar is structured interactively to enable you to actively participate and ensure a high learning gain. These include, for example, speech intervention, chat, polls, multiple choice questions, whiteboard as well as virtual group rooms. The duration of the webinars is 3-4 hours. Before the webinar you have the possibility to prepare individually for the webinar topic.

Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form for any questions or suggestions.

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