Education and Training

A partner to support your organisation’s continuous improvement and certification process.

We help you to...

  • protect your managerial staff,
  • contribute to your sustainable success,
  • ensure compliance with standards.

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ProCert's Education and Training service is specifically tailored to these fields:


  • Infant, junior, and secondary schools, 
  • Public or private sector,
  • Vocational and academic schools,
  • Specialised school,
  • Tertiary colleges,
  • Adult education centres.


  • Crèches, nurseries, day-care centre, kindergartens,
  • Pre-school care,
  • After-school facilities, extracurricular day care networks,
  • Holiday schemes.

Which standards apply to my organisation?

Most standards are based on ISO 9001 and additions, in consideration of the specific requirements placed on the education or training sector. ProCert can help you select the standard that best suits your organisation.

These are the most appropriate standards if your establishment is …

… an early years establishment, a crèche, a day-are centre, a kindergarten, a pre-school care unit, an after-school facility or a childcare network:

... a school, a vocational college, an academic school, private or public, or a special education school:

... a provider of continuing education (in any field)

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The benefits to you at a glance


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  • Interactive brochure PDF interactif Formation (Quality Management System (QMS) for the training sector. In French in the "Presentation of the domains" section)