Sustainable Developement

A partner to support your organisation’s continuous improvement and certification process.

We help you to...

  • protect your managerial staff
  • contribute to your sustainable success
  • ensure compliance with standards

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ProCert's Sustainable Development service is specifically tailored to these fields:

All sectors are concerned about sustainable development:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Housing
  • Family organisations, as well as service industries (finance, tourism, education, health, etc.)

Simply put, sustainable development is a method of development that aims to produce wealth, whilst at the same time reducing damage to the environment.

It is also based on new universal values (responsibility, ecological awareness, risk-based thinking and debate) and can be addressed in two ways:

  • Time - we have the right to use the resources of the earth, but the duty to secure its sustainability for future generations
  • Space – every human being has the right to the natural resources of the earth

A key to success is the integration of sustainable development into the management system: major challenges can only be overcome if the economic, social and environmental needs of all stakeholders along the entire global value chain are met.

Which standards apply to my organisation?

ProCert can support organisations with specific standards such as:

Environmental management system

HoReCA sector (hotels, restaurants and cafes)

Event sustainability management system

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