Health & Social

For more than 15 years, ProCert has been anchored in the Swiss health and social network based in Switzerland. As a privileged partner and thanks to the work experience and expertise of its team of auditors, ProCert had the opportunity to experience the many challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, medical and social institutions, home care organisations, social institutions, foster associations and other similar organisations, both public and private.

In the context of continuing evolution where healthcare requirements of the population increase, rapid technological and scientific evolutions generate ever-increasing costs, information systems manage increasingly more data and governments seek to limit costs while strengthening quality control requirements and procedures without affecting quality - these appear to be unavoidable challenges.

In response to these multiple challenges and needs of customers and interested parties and consideration to risk prevention and professional practices, management systems developed.  These systems are strategic management tools for now and for the future.  ProCert is convinced that these approaches are and will continue to make sense in the future, which is why we are committed to stay or become your provider of choice to accompany and support your organisation.  
Our team of auditors, active in the health and social field in French-speaking Switzerland, offers you:
• External audits based on recognised benchmarks that can provide a critical, but constructive view of your management system as well as professional expertise geared towards improving performance.
• Certification audits based on recognised standards (accredited or not), that can validate the conformity of your management system and the quality of your services. Beyond rigorous compliance verification, we are also committed to ensuring an added value through our audits in response to your specific needs.
• Continuous tailor-made training that can contribute to the development of the skills of your Executives and staff.