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From CSR to real purposeful business - Are your company strategies fit to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world?

We introduce you to methods on how to create long-term, purposeful business and communication strategies that genuinely embrace environmental and social impact, while not reinventing acknowledged economic market rules.

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Informazioni generali

Starting point

The ProCert webinar ‘Managing for 2030’ offers you an introduction to holistic approaches to challenge business strategies towards their future-fitness. Consumers are increasingly intrigued by product and service experiences that fulfil their expectations towards sincerity and transparency. For companies and their brands to remain market relevant on the long run, especially with more conscious consumer groups such as Millennials and the Generation Z, they need to act more holistically and responsibly.  



Target Audience

Members of Management Boards, Business Leaders/Managers, Heads of Management Systems, Internal Auditors, Consultants

Issued title

Certificate of participation


Company/Business Strategy Experience. Experience with Management System standards is an advantage

Informazioni pratiche

23.09.2021, 08.00 – 12.00 (CET)
Délai d'inscription
CHF 275 / € 220 (CHF 200 / € 170 for ProCert-clients) incl. documentation, excl. value added tax / 10 % discount from 2nd participant from the same company
Beat Stettler
Numeri di participanti
5 – 15


Informazioni pedagogigi


  • You understand the necessity of conducting a detailed Materiality Analysis and to integrate environmental and social impact aspects into your business strategy development
  • You are aware about need for methodical support to challenge and assess your current Management System and Business strategies towards future-fitness
  • You are aware about improvement potential for your company with regards to more purposeful products and services

Seminar content

  • UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030
  • Good & substandard case studies
  • Materiality Analysis methodology
  • Role of related standards like ISO 26000, ISO 9001
  • Opportunites for improvement of your strategies, next steps, transfer offer

A la carte

This webinar can be adapted to your specific needs. Contact us for further details.